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The advancement, development and miniaturisation of fluorescent bulbs, which has taken place in recent years, has given us some new shapes for bulbs.

These compact bulbs have the immediate advantage of single end connection. So that they can be made to plug in simply, in some cases directly in to the same bayonet or screw fitting as for a traditional GLS bulb. In this case the complete control gear, required for the bulb to work is built in to the bulb itself.

In addition you also have a choice of very traditional styles, including, look-a-like, candle look-a-like and stick, in a variety of wattage and end cap types.

Compact fluorescent bulbs, known as CFLs can cost more, but give several times the light output of an ordinary light bulb of similar wattage.

For example: a CFL using only 11W of energy will give the same effect and light as a 60W traditional bulb.

It makes sense to use these types for locations where long burning hours are likely to be required in the interest of energy and cost saving. Always remember to refer to the light bulbs packaging to check how energy efficient it is. Purchase reputable brands to ensure quality and safety.*